Entropy and the Cyclic Universe


Hi, cosmic mystery buffs. I was reading an interesting article in the 1/14/12 issue of New Scientist, p.6, which basically sets forth our current understanding of where the universe came from, and where it is going- i.e., no one really knows.

The problem is that the universe would be “beautiful” if it had no beginning or end, but the hang-up is its disorder. Alexander Vilenkin, of Tufts University, summed it up clearly, by showing how Guth’s inflationary model conflicts with the Hubble constant, in that the universe had to start somewhere. He then mused upon the cyclic model, which would be great, if it weren’t for that pesky entropy.

I think that the answer to this problem is the explanation of why there are three families of matter. The way I see it, entropy only rules in the expanding universe of first and third family matter, which begs the question as to what happens in the contracting universe of a black hole, or even a neutron stellar core.

In my opinion, the boundary between the first and second families of matter is an energy divide, beyond which things tend to increase in order, entropy decreases, and what I call ANTROPY, increases, to the boundary with the third family, where entropy reappears, in the expansion phase of a three-part cycle, at the Big Bang.

For more details, you are invited to contact me, at science@arnoldlasky.com.

Author: Arnold Lasky

I wrote the book, called “The Case of the Missing Siblings”, which is about cosmology and particle physics, and explores the nature of dark matter/energy, and the reasons why there are three families of matter.


  1. If there?s one unrveise: you don?t get to use the anthropic principle. You take for granted that anthropic selection is the only form of the the principle that exists and that this has somehow been proven even though that is a false assumption.What if the creation of the unrveise followed the same rule? That a unrveise with its constants tuned for very high entropy is more likely to be created.This is the way that I understand it in similar fashion to your idea:The AP is an energy conservation law, and the flat , balanced, small cc unrveise is most naturally configured to maximize energy, because less energy gets wasted to heat death and work is maximized with this configuration as compared to a the unrveise that was wide-open and more rapidly expanding.But here’s a teaser If tension is increasing between the vacuum and ordinary matter as the unrveise expands, then the the integrity of the forces will eventually be compromised and BOOM the system resets as the footprint for this unrveise gets laid down in the matter field of the next one while time restarts when the plank scale is breached.This is also the most natural conclusion that one would arrive at by projecting the expansion of the unrveise backwards to the point that inflationary theory becomes necessary to fill in the unexplained volume.If you don’t pre-assume a singularity, then you most naturally conclude that the unrveise had a big bang with pre-existing volume.What a coincidence not!

    • You might be interested in reviewing my 1/20/12 blog, “entropy and the cyclic universe”, where entropy is proposed to be the result of the three families of matter transitioning into one another- i.e., disorder increases in the expanding universe of first and third family matter, but decreases in the contracting second family universe of a degenerate star or black hole. For more on the subject, you may download my free book at https://www.arnoldlasky.com.

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