Hi, cosmic mystery buffs. I just added this example of different phenomena that act in similar ways, to my book, The Case of the Missing Siblings. A team of physicists, at Rice University, have coaxed the outer electron (cloud) of a gigantic Rydberg atom to act like a Lagrangian body. Barry Dunning, a member of the team, explained “The classical physics that you use to describe (Trojan asteroids and electrons) is identical, except in one case you’re using gravitational fields and the other electrical fields.” (NewScientist, 2/4/12, p.12).

This has great relevance to the proposition that a galactic halo is a structural torus of mass equivalent vacuum (dark) energy that is displaced away from an energy equivalent focal mass (galactic core). The point is that vacuum energy can be formed into an energy bearing, self propagating, curvilinear disturbance of a gravitational/displacement field, in a manner similar to that of the plasma torus in an electrical/magnetic field- e.g. a Tokamak fusion reactor.

To see how the unequal displacement of vacuum energy bears upon the related problems of galactic halos, omega, lambda, sigma, the Pioneer anomaly, voids, dark matter/energy, the axis of evil, and the variable accelerating universe, you are invited to contact me, at science@arnoldlasky.com.

Author: Arnold Lasky

I wrote the book, called “The Case of the Missing Siblings”, which is about cosmology and particle physics, and explores the nature of dark matter/energy, and the reasons why there are three families of matter.

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