I wrote the book, called “The Case of the Missing Siblings”, which is about cosmology and particle physics, and explores the nature of dark matter/energy, and the reasons why there are three families of matter. I recommend that you quickly peruse the Table of Fundamental Particles, and its accompanying worksheet (each fits on a single letter-size page, and only requires the mastery of simple addition and subtraction). The Table consists of raw data that is assembled in a coherent fashion, and is self-explanatory (to avoid bias of the author). This should create an epiphany for you. If it does, read on, and contact me, at: science@arnoldlasky.com

You will find the book to reveal: that there exists a “third family energy well”, between the Zº boson and the W± bosons, above which particles tend to fuse, and below which particles tend to fission; that the Wº boson is a neutrally charged, stand-alone, “progenitor” particle, which bifurcates into the W+ and W- bosons; that the first family of matter “transitions” into the second family of matter, the second family of matter “transitions” into the third family of matter, and the third family of matter “transitions” back into the first family of matter, which has major ramifications for degenerate stars, black holes, the matter/antimatter problem, and the second law of thermodynamics; and that there exists, as a mutually induced complement to the gravitational force (like electricity and magnetism), a repellent force that is based upon, what I refer to as, the Modified Archimedes Principle (MAP), which holds that “a massive body, which is immersed in space, displaces a volume of that space, centered on such body, and that such volume contains an amount of vacuum energy, equal to the mass of such body, and inversely proportional to the distance from such body”. It is claimed that vacuum energy resolves the riddles of omega, sigma, lambda, and the cosmological constant, and is the source of galactic halos and the accelerating universe, among other unexplained things.

I started researching in 1972, but did not begin writing until 1997, when I realized that the above phenomena were all related to each other. At that point, the book started to write itself.

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