New fundamental force of natureHi, cosmic mystery buffs. While browsing my excerpt library, I came upon an article in the 1/20/07 issue of NewScientist, in which Glennys Farrar, of New York University, proposed that certain gravitational deviations of movement in the Bullet cluster could best be attributed to the existence of a fifth fundamental force of nature that would: interact only with dark matter; account for the missing dwarf galaxies; explain the excess of galaxy clusters; and resolve the emptiness of galactic voids. Let us supplement this list with the stellar deficit in spiral galactic discs, the Pioneer spacecraft anomaly, the axis of evil, the variable acceleration of the expanding universe, the cosmological constant a/k/a lambda, the density of the universe a/k/a omega, the large/small scale structure of the universe, quintessence, negative gravity, the repulsive force, and the fabric of spacetime.

Dr. Farrar noted that “There are a number of alternative explanations for each of these phenomena,” (on her list) “but the fifth force is the only explanation that solves them all in one fell swoop.” I agree, and include those on the supplemental list.

On page 167 of my book, The Case of the Missing Siblings (2001 copyright), there is the adaptation of an ancient scientific principle, which deals with the situation of a body that floats in liquid, to the situation of a body that floats in space. I call this theory MAP, for Modified Archimedes Principle, and it holds that a massive body, which is immersed in space, displaces a volume of that space, centered on such body, and that such volume contains an amount of vacuum energy, which is not only equal to the mass of such body, but also varies as a function of the distance from such body.

I propose that a massive body not only induces the gravitational force, which is attractive, but also induces, what I call the displacement force, which is repellent. Both are equally strong, so that vacuum energy is exponentially driven into a mass equivalent torus, with very little vacuum energy surrounding the focal body, which explains the negligible value for Casimir plate measurements that are taken at the surface of the earth. It is this reciprocal relationship, which I call gravitodisplacement induction, that generates the unequal but structured distribution of vacuum energy, and creates all of the above listed phenomena.

Let us now apply MAP to the bullet cluster image in the heading of this blog. Accordingly: the center of each set of contour lines marks the location of a galactic black hole; each respective contour line represents a serial halo of vacuum energy (dark matter); each initial line represents the periphery of a primary halo that was gravitodisplaced by its respective black hole; each subsequent line represents the periphery of a halo that was gravitodisplaced by the mass equivalence of the preceding halo; and the volume between each such halo contains progressively attenuated vacuum energy, which equals either the mass of the displacing black hole, or that of each preceding or subsequent halo. Notice how the integrity of each spherical halo remains roughly equidistant from its respective black hole, which means that vacuum energy is tightly bound to its displacing body, and was largely unaffected by the collision, even as the baryonic mass component of both galaxies was gravitationally bifurcated. It also means that the quantity of vacuum energy was merely redistributed within the same volume of space that had been present prior to the collision of these galaxies.


Author: Arnold Lasky

I wrote the book, called “The Case of the Missing Siblings”, which is about cosmology and particle physics, and explores the nature of dark matter/energy, and the reasons why there are three families of matter.

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